"or how about something very specific and different?"

Bossie Knives

Bossie Knives was established in 2005. "We take great pride in our work and guarantee our products for as long as we are able to make them".

Clarens Brewery

Clarens Brewery is one of the country’s first Brew-Pub, Cidery and Distillery set in the foot-hills of the magnificent Maluti Mountains where our fun-loving team has the thrill of brewing, talking, serving and enjoying great beers, ciders and distillate, all whilst being part of the fantastic craft revolution that is sweeping our country.  Our brewer, Stephan Meyer, is a true beer lover and was blown away by the variety of beers during a trip to the UK in the early 90’s and could not wait to start brewing his own. Our pure fruit ciders were born of a need to use all the fruits of our apple and cherry orchards and making cider is so much more fun than making jam! The love of brewing and distilling drives us to innovate  and develop new products all the time. Our passion for this fledgling industry motivates us to talk to, educate, challenge and transform the novice or traditional consumer into a craft aficionado and to engage with fellow-brewers to constantly learn, share and brew!

Redstone Gin Bar

Red Stone Craft has been named after the beautiful Rooiberge (or Red Mountains) which surround our village of Clarens, where we are based. And we think that’s fitting since their fertile soils provide us with all the delicious fruits we need for our craft products!

Red Stone Craft was born from a passion that the brewer of Clarens Brewery, Stephan Meyer, has for distilling and fermenting products from fruits. We started out with our cider range and quickly added gin, liqueurs, and juices to the range. All our products are hand crafted right here in Clarens, with fruits from the region (OK – we don’t have pineapples in the Free State but our Durban friends do and send us juice).

Oak Leather

Elegant & Timeless. We're the makers of quality leather fashion and accessories. Check out our range of handsewn products.

Mona Lisa Gallery

This shop is a labour of love! It's almost like walking into a painting. There are so many interesting dresses, shoes, hats, suitcases etc etc etc that you could spend all day looking at every item. A step back in time - it's lovely.

Highland Coffee Roastery

We are a micro-roastery, and take great care and pride in roasting our 100% Arabica coffees to perfection in small batches. Our roastery, shop and espresso bar is in the On The Square Centre, where you can sit and relax with a cup of freshly roasted, freshly ground and perfectly prepared coffee and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Horeb.

Scotch Whiskey Lounge

"A Wee Doec An' Dorris"

A place where people can just be chilled and enjoy something special before or after dinner at The Highlander Restaurant right next door.

Clarens Rocks

Offering you a range of crystals, mineral specimens, handcrafted jewellery and lots more! Online sales accepted. Message us with any queries.