Dinosaur Park

Golden Gate Dinosaur Centre

Visitors to the Golden Gate Park may have noticed work going on to the side of the old camping and caravan area. These earthworks are not looking for any fresh dinosaur fossils, they are building a Dinosaur Center to showcase what has already been found in the million year old inland ocean which solidified into what has become known as the Clarens layer of rock, just above the Molteno layer.

If you explore the area (go on a hike in the Park) you might find your own piece of history in among the sandstones and crystals that lie everywhere in the area. Imagine just a few million years ago, when this was a giant Dinosaur Park filling the entire Brandwater Basin.

The development of a Dinosaur Center is long overdue, and we are all extremely happy with the way in which it is being made to blend into the beautiful surroundings of the park.