"the fishing ain't easy"

Yes, but strictly fly fishing, catch and release only
Carp, Koi, Rainbow and Brown Trout
May 2019. Sorry, but Covid 19 plus the lock downs made it impossible and uneconomical.
We have no plans to restock in the near future.

We will monitor the dam health and guest requirements before deciding what fish and when to restock.

Feel free to email us any suggestions.
Yes - maximum two per day at R90 per KG. Please don't catch the grass carp. (see below)
Fly rods, flies, sinking and floating line, net, polarised sun glasses, sun screen and hats are recommended. Float tubes are allowed.

How can I tell grass carp from common carp?

Please don't take the grass carp. If you catch one, please handle it with care and put it back into the dam as soon and gently as possible.

The grass carp eat the grass and make for better fishing.